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What Do I Need For a Vin Inspection?

Since the overall purpose of a VIN number validation in New Mexico is to prove that the VIN displayed on a car matches its official credentials, it is important for all documents related to the vehicle to be brought to the actual inspection. Of course, the actual vehicle being inspected must be brought to the vehicle inspection, as well. At Village MVD we will work with you to make the VIN inspection process as painless as possible and can even make an appointment to come to your residence or business to complete the inspection.


The following documents must be presented at the time of the VIN Inspection;

  • Title or Bill of Sale

  • Current Insurance

Additional documentation may be necessary for certain situations, so it is important for car owners to contact a Village MVD representative in advance with any questions or concerns. For example, if the VIN is not clearly visible on the vehicle, applicants will need to supply other documentation and undergo additional procedures in order to complete a VIN inspection.

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